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Well if that doesn't look like flowering grass, blue sky and a touch of heath!

Yes! It’s grass! Grass the way it is supposed to be. Why don’t you take a dive.

Grass, or Poaceae, if you agree 4 syllables rather than just 1 for the same word might help better express it’s wonder, is a family of monocotyledonous and yes, indeed, see the above picture(!), flowering plants, consisting of over 10,000 different species. Next time you take a plunge in a field of flowering summer grass – and again we encourage you to do so – try to remember it is species of grass that brought mankind both cattle and grain-derived foods, and much of the paper when the first civilisations arose that tried to preserve and share their knowledge. In other words, without grass, humans would have been just there, lying helpless and hungry in the mud. Thank you grass – for we may have forgot to say that to you.