We Love Earth Mission

We Love Earth is about everything we love about our wonderful shared planet. The bees, the bumblebees, the mountains, the creeks, the reefs, the trees, the rocks, the soil, the slugs, the sky. We Love Earth is about nature. About humans, as a species, amongst so many others. Our behaviour, our intrinsic nature, our connectedness. We Love Earth is about us.

Helping a slug (brown variant of Arion ater) cross a road. Very enjoyable to do. Make sure you watch traffic yourself

We don’t stare passively at the things we love. We engage. That means we confront the threats too. We humans have the power to protect and nourish – but thus far we mainly use our abilities to pollute and degrade. We have polluted Earth’s waters, Earth’s soils and Earth’s skies and under current trends we continue to do so. This results in increasingly acidic, anoxic and lifeless oceans, this results in continued decline of natural biodiverse living landscapes and it is set to result in a completely devastating 4 to 6 degrees temperature rise, by the end of this century.

The science-derived trends are unfolding against a background where we, the human species, are disconnecting our minds and our souls further and further from our natural cradle – a cradle on which we too, still, together with all the millions of other life forms on Earth, depend no less than at any other time in our history.

That is why we, Maria & Rolf, are dedicating our lives to do something about this – why we, together with thousands and possibly millions of others have made the very active decision these trends cannot be accepted – these trends will have to be breached.

This does not just depend on good shared intentions. This will always depend on very concrete transitions. The world will have to become fossil free – entirely fossil free. Coal, gas, oil – all fossil carbon sources – have become unacceptable energy options. And just like that energy transition we will have to get used to another transition that will become equally necessary if we are to sustain life against a growing human population: the transition from animal to plant proteins, from increasing to declining global land use.

We’ve been active as climate activists for many years and contributed to numerous climate campaigns. We’ve studied the science, because that is where both problem and solution are rooted. We went to Copenhagen and Paris because we strongly believe in international cooperation and we are co-plaintiffs in the climate court case against the Dutch state because the climate crisis cannot be solved without strong and determined political action.

But we’ve also learned after these years of devoted campaigning the importance of taking a step back from those political front lines, to express why we do this. Not the fight is central, but the thing we fight for, therefore the Love: Climate, Nature, Life – Earth.

Therefore we no longer just communicate about energy policy, roof insulation or fossil fuel divestment, but about nature, about life – about the beauty of it, how we enjoy it.

We do that as humans who love our lives here on Earth and who want to make sure our children can do so as well.

Standing together

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– Maria & Rolf