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We are motivated communicators with a lot of experience working for non-profits and (news) media. We are specialised in science communication and environmental communication, mostly climate-related. Shown below are just a few examples of our work, illustrating a range of styles in texts and videos, from popular to personal, and from academic to guerrilla communication.

Radio Voice-over ‘Sustainability Day’

We were asked to do the voice-over for the radio commercial of Dutch ‘Day of Sustainability’ (Dag van de Duurzaamheid). Broadcast for a full week on Radio 2, Radio 538 and Sky Radio – supporting all participating shops to place their sustainable products in the spotlights, as a special during this 10th edition of the Dutch Day of Sustainability.

‘In face of rising sea levels the Netherlands must consider controlled withdrawal’

We interviewed 7 leading Dutch sea level rise experts about the future of the Netherlands, in face of globally accelerating sea level rise. Presented as a longread for Vrij Nederland (Dutch version | English version) its conclusions were echoed in other media, like the national broadcaster NOS: There’s no Plan B. Beyond certain thresholds much of the Netherlands will have to evacuate to higher grounds…

Longread about long-term consequences of sea level rise for the Netherlands

Simply Nature @ We Love Earth

In this series we show what we love. We make videos with a written story aside on Facebook. For example our story about the Dutch Wadden Sea, The Tale of a Drowned Land, or The Purple Hills of Holland:

The future of the Wadden Sea

For the Dutch NGO ‘Waddenvereniging’ we wrote a report about the future of the Wadden Sea – an area that may drown under the combined effects of accelerating sea level rise and subsidence caused by gas extraction.

This short Dutch-language video explains what the report is about. If you’re interested to also read the actual report, here’s the link.

Historic Verdict Dutch Climate Case

On June 24 2015 a judge in The Hague imposed a more ambitious emissions reduction target on the Dutch government, following a globally unique lawsuit – filed by Urgenda and 900+ Dutch co-plaintiffs. The Dutch climate case received a lot of international media attention as it may create a legal precedent, where similar cases may serve to break climate policy deadlocks.

Buurtstroom Collective Solar Energy

Here’s a nice example of communities taking action to energy transition! We made this video for Energy U about the initiative ‘Buurtstroom’, in which people in the Dutch city of Utrecht invest collectively in solar panels on shared neighbourhood roofs.


Back to the Source

“If this isn’t collapse, what is.” Those words from Dennis Meadows still echo in our heads. Now how do we do what is needed for our common survival, if the current system doesn’t let us turn in the right direction? This short documentary made for the Club of Rome Dutch Association showes a possible answer to this question.

Human Chain @ Global Day of Climate Action COP21 Paris 2015

Our impression of Humanity walking in Peace through Paris, calling for Climate Justice on Sunday November 29 2015 – Day 0 of COP21… (We hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one:)

‘Van Temperatuurstijging tot Elfstedenkoorts – Nieuwe inzichten uit klimaatonderzoek’

Text example (pop science), Dutch language – HIER Klimaatgids 2012 (Dutch, PDF) – overview of most important global, annual climate science publications – published by HIER Klimaatbureau (June 2012). [For more coverage of climate science, see our special science news website Bits of Science.]

Van temperatuurstijging tot Elfstedenkoorts - nieuwe inzichten uit klimaatonderzoek.

The Climate Ribbon Project @ Alternatiba COP21 Paris 2015

During COP21 in Paris, where the good of the world gathered, just by good chance, we bumped into this: The Climate Ribbon Project. It invites you to express your love – your fear, expressed as hope, the hope to never have to lose that love to climate change – and then shows you, while you are in that very vulnerable state, that you are not alone. In fact there are thousands of you. Not just expressing their own love and hope, but also taking care of each other’s. And that is something wonderful, worth enjoying.

SelectNL. – collective climate special of Dutch national newspapers (fake edition, free handout)

Text example (guerrilla, culture jamming), Dutch language – fake climate newspaper .selectNL. (Dutch, PDF). Double identity correction: Pretending to be The Yes Men pretending to be a joint edition of the six main Dutch national newspapers (Algemeen Dagblad, Volkskrant, Telegraaf, Parool, NRC Handelsblad, Trouw) – with a free handout newspaper filled with plausible, yet surprisingly positive climate news. Officially intended by the imitated newspapers as a joint initiative to inform the Dutch public about the upcoming Copenhagen climate summit (COP15, December 2009) – but in reality a guerrilla action to support a broader political campaign, calling for a more ambitious (-40% by 2020) CO2 emission reduction target. Massive handout (50,000 copies) on Monday November 16 2009 at train stations, ministeries and media offices – see action coverage by (real) Volkskrant newspaper.

Free Dutch climate newspaper .selectNL.

Dutch vox pop – What is better, animal or plant foods?

For more information about the animal to plant protein transition, read our mission and science pages – or our plant protein special on Bits of Science.

“A Big Thank You to Every Single Climate Activist Who Decides to Go to the Paris Climate Summit in December” – Huffington Post

“Climate activists don’t call themselves climate activists, it’s the rest of us that does. Because it feels safer, amidst that scary climate crisis, to place the ones that express their care in the most confronting and the most vulnerable way, in a box. Just like the world tries to deny the entire climate problem.”

Continue reading at Huffington Post UK

People's Climate March New York, 2014

The Climate Miles – Urgenda travelling to COP21 by foot

Walking 600 kilometers in 4 weeks, from Utrecht in the Netherlands to Paris, finishing one day before the start of the COP21 climate summit – and of course joined by a film crew for interviews and a daily walkshow.

“Klimaattop Parijs moet wereld laten samenwerken” – NU.nl

Dutch-language background news article about UN climate negotiations and the expected outcome of the COP21 climate summit in Paris for NU.nl – the most popular Dutch news website.

Special about COP21 climate summit for NU.nl